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dark setting? sometimes…still refrain from flash

By Cori Derksen | Mar 31, 2010

There are certain times when it’s dark, when it’s still best to refrain from using a flash. Look at this picture below. Here are my settings: Camera setting = manual ISO = 1000 aperture = 3.2 shutter speed = 1/160 And, how different would this picture have been with a flash? In my opinion not…

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By Cori Derksen | Mar 24, 2010

Why do people take pictures? Often it’s to remember something. Remember a moment. Remember a feeling. Capture the emotion of that moment. Well, capture it! Capture those moments that your photographer is not around for. THESE moments are why you want to, need to, should learn how to use your camera well. Stick to it.…

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composition: lines & patterns

By Cori Derksen | Mar 11, 2010

Lines and patterns make pictures interesting. They also can control the path of your eye. They can guide your eye toward the focal point of the image. They can also keep your eye in the picture (and not let it escape). I’ll show you what I mean with some examples below. Now remember, this is…

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my camera bag (2010)

By Cori Derksen | Mar 9, 2010

What’s in my camera bag?? Hmmm, that’s a fun question… I actually get asked that question quite a bit. So here it is. I’m a simple girl…but I’m completely a canon girl. Update: See the current list on my equipment page. Canon 5D Mark II camera body (my main fabulous camera) Canon 5D camera body…

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composition: fill the frame

By Cori Derksen | Mar 2, 2010

Another beautiful way of composing a picture is to completely fill the frame. Fill it with your fabulous subject. Fill it with your landscape. Fill it with whatever you’re shooting. I’ll include some examples below. Fill the frame with that little face…completely. At times I will even cut off a slight portion of the head…

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composition: rule of thirds

By Cori Derksen | Feb 26, 2010

I’ve gotten some requests to cover the subject of composition. Thanks for your input! And here goes…an initial post on composition. There are a lot of ways to compose a picture and make it look interesting. But there is something about the rule of thirds that draws my eyes to an image. I love pictures…

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iphone camera

By Cori Derksen | Feb 18, 2010

I love my iphone. Really. I do. Last summer my hubby (Phil) told me I really needed one. I said, “Nah, I don’t need to spend the extra 30 bucks a month. I’m good.” But somehow he got me one and convinced me that it was, “soooo good for my business.” Personally, I really think…

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school performances

By Cori Derksen | Feb 11, 2010

You’re sitting with two hundred crazy parents in the school cafeteria. You’re trying not to be “that parent”, you know the one that pushes and bullies her way to the front row so that she can get the perfect picture and be the amazing front row parent. Ok, so now you’re 10 rows back for…

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get closer

By Cori Derksen | Feb 3, 2010

So, you’re all set and you’ve got your eye in the viewfinder and you’re ready to “click” the shutter. BUT WAIT….move  in closer (or zoom in closer if you’re using a zoom lens) to your subject (child, hubby, cat, whatever)….now take the picture. Get up close and personal. SO much more life, especially when photographing…

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