composition: lines & patterns

Lines and patterns make pictures interesting. They also can control the path of your eye. They can guide your eye toward the focal point of the image. They can also keep your eye in the picture (and not let it escape). I’ll show you what I mean with some examples below. Now remember, this is from my experience and my eyes, not the terminology from a college class. :)

In this first image below look at the lines in the brick wall, the lines created by the pipe on the right, and the lines created by the sidewalk. All the lines draw your eyes toward little Molly’s face.

Ok, now look at the two images below. First let’s look at the image on the left in the autumn trees. The lines from the sidewalk guide your eyes toward the family. The parking meters guide your eyes toward the center of the family. The trees create a canopy that your eyes will likely follow. Possibly like this. Your eyes go from the family, up the left side of the tree trunks, not able to escape the top of the picture, and back down the tree trunks on the right, in turn…guiding you back to look at the family again.

The picture on the right with the little guy leaning on the brick wall. The lines in the brick wall draw your eyes toward his face.

I love this picture below. I love the lines and patterns in this picture. I think it’s very interesting and pleasing to the eye. And again…your eyes follow the railroad tracks toward little Audrey.

This picture below has a few different things going on. First the line created by the green grass draws your eyes toward the couple. The lines from the dirt near the trunks of the trees cause your eyes to follow them toward the couple. And then the canopy created by the trees up in the sky keep your eyes in the picture. What I mean by that is that your eyes don’t escape through the top of the image because it’s plain bright white. There is a canopy of trees, so often, your eyes will follow the lines of the branches back down to the subject yet again.

All righty, so go use some lines and patterns to create some beautiful pictures! :)