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my manual settings

Capturing moving children

We took little miss Teagan to a local christmas tree lot to photograph her for Cavelle Kids winter clothing line. Teagan’s a mover and a shaker

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Sharp image with blurry background

Here are a few tips to help you photograph a single kiddo and get the image sharp and leave the background a bit blurry. A blurry background, when created with a camera lens, is called bokeh.

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Photographing large groups of people

Photographing a large group of people can be challenging. It’s important that if you have young children in the picture that you don’t have your shutter speed to slow. If your shutter speed

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Photographing active kids

I love photographing kids at the beach (as well as escaping our hot summers here). Little ones love to run around on the beach so they are definitely not still subjects. They are fast moving subjects.

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