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capture those moments…now!

Are you taking pictures of the cute little people around you? Are you trying to shoot on manual? Are you having success getting the proper exposure and sharp focus points? Are you achieving the aperture and creative effects that you are hoping for? If you’d like to learn better how to use your fancy camera to more…

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black friday…through cyber monday

Think gift certificates, think Christmas presents, think about finally knowing how to use your camera on manual mode to take better pictures! Yippee!! Better price and better location (at home in your jammies).  :) All the details coming soon on discounted price and more but for now you can start thinking about it and check…

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my newest project

I’m so excited to share something new with you! I’ve been enjoying my summer with my family, yes. But I’ve also been working hard on a new project and the first part of it is ready. I’ve created an online workshop to teach you how to use your camera. In this first workshop, “Your Camera…

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a workshop to learn your camera

I enjoy teaching people how to use their cameras. So many people have purchased these fancy digital SLR cameras (you know the bigger cameras where you can change out the lenses) and well, they don’t know how to use all the fabulous buttons and functions on their cameras. Do you want to learn how to…

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