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depth of field

Do you see where the focus point is on this picture below? It’s on her eyes. And it’s pretty sharp…not crystal clear…because I was using my 85mm 1.2 lens. I LOVE my 85mm lens. It’s probably my favorite lens … but it’s not as fast as my other lenses. So if a child moves on…

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perspective and aperture

I love this picture of my little guy. Captures his silly personality in one of his mellower moods. My perspective is that my camera is almost resting on the table, so I’m looking straight into my little guy’s eyes, but coming in a bit from below him. Love how the table in front of him…

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30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 25

DAY #25! TIP #25: Set your aperture based on the number of people you’re photographing. Again, your aperture is the hole or opening in your lens that lets in light. The size of the opening determines how much light comes into your camera as well as how sharp or blurry the background is going to…

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30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 17

DAY #17! TIP #17: If your background isn’t ideal, open that lens up wide and make it soft, blurry, and beautiful. The other day my little boy and I were having a moment. This is my little guy who sticks out his tongue at the camera, is hardly ever serious, and watches tv upside down on…

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