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late summer evening light

Late summer evenings….  It may still be pretty warm late in the summer, even in the evenings but oh I love the warm, cozy, golden light. My favorite time of day to shoot during the late summer is that last hour or so before the sun sets. The light is golden and it’s lovely. Here…

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The end of the school year is bonkers! It’s craziness! It’s fun but there’s way too much to keep up on. So I thought I’d share some crazy and fun pictures of my sweet little friend…little Molly. Here are some pictures I took of her silly and sweet expressions with my macro lens and the…

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camera focus point and eyes

I love to focus on the eyes. There’s so much emotion and life in the eyes. If I’m photographing just one person I most often put my focus point on their eyes. I love the eyes. The life is in the eyes. Whether there are smiles, intense stares, tears, wonder, or fear….you can feel it…

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smiles, laughter, and the manual settings

I LOVE laughter. It’s fun to laugh. It’s fun to watch your kiddos laughing hysterically. But I love so very much to capture it in photographs. Then it makes me smile every time I look at them. It’s like reliving a happy moment…over and over.   :) My manual settings on this image below: ISO…

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