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little man…

By Cori Derksen | Jul 3, 2010

My Manual settings: ISO – 200  (it was a sunny morning) aperture – 4.0  (I wanted to get some of the fabulous trees in the background) shutter speed – 1/1000 second (just used that speed to balance out the incoming light so it wasn’t overexposed) lens – 50mm 1.2L

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little blue eyed man

By Cori Derksen | Jul 1, 2010

My manual settings: ISO – 160 (sunny bright day, was shooting in open shade from a building) aperture – 2.8 (love 2.8, love the focus and intensity it brings to the subject and the background is beautiful but seems less important, not super sharp) shutter speed – 1/800 second (just compensating for the amount of…

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close up beautiful baby face

By Cori Derksen | Jun 29, 2010

my manual settings: ISO – 1600 (shot inside near a window, but with my macro lens I need more light) aperture – 5.0 (with my macro lens I like it to be a bit more closed up so more of her face is sharp) shutter speed – 1/250 second (again with a 100 mm lens…

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more workshops

By Cori Derksen | Jun 28, 2010

I am loving teaching people how to use their cameras. So many people have purchased these fancy digital SLR cameras (you know the bigger cameras where you can change out the lenses) and well, they don’t know how to use all the fabulous buttons and functions on their cameras. Do you want to learn how…

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an adorable little guy

By Cori Derksen | Jun 27, 2010

My Manual settings: ISO – 1000 (it was pretty dark and shady under all the orchard’s trees) aperture – 2.8 (open wide enough to get some fabulous blurry bokeh behind the little boy but still a good fstop where his whole face, hair, and shirt are sharp) shutter speed – 1/250 second (just used that…

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a family shot

By Cori Derksen | Jun 25, 2010

A lovely family shot just enjoying each other. Here are my settings.. Manual settings: ISO – 640 (in full shade, but was a little dark because there was a cover over the top of us) aperture – 4.0 (an easy starting point for getting a family in focus is that you start with one f…

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summer learning

By Cori Derksen | Jun 23, 2010

This summer, I’m aiming to put up a whole bunch of images (blog much more regularly) and share what my camera settings were and why I chose to use those settings. Simple, right? I hope so. And my goal is that you lovely people would put your cameras on manual and try some of this…

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lens & camera rental

By Cori Derksen | Jun 2, 2010

Are you considering purchasing a new lens? A new camera body? A little bit unsure about which one to purchase? Well… did you know that you could rent lenses and camera bodies at stores and online? Yep, I agree pretty cool. Why not play around with a new toy before purchasing or have some fun…

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locations & small spaces

By Cori Derksen | May 22, 2010

Choosing a location to do a little photo shoot is so fun. At least I think it is. :)  If you’re taking pictures of little kids, remember their small. So…you don’t have to have a huge background for a close up face shot. You can use just a portion of a wall, or just a…

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