eye contact

Give those kiddos some eye contact.

Just a simple easy idea…a quick tip and something that happens to work for me. A large portion of my photography is little kids. And these kids (4 months to 5 years old) don’t quite get what we’re doing when we’re trying to take their pictures. Think about it for a minute. We expect them to stand or sit still, look at a large black un-interesting object, smile pleasantly, while we mess with our cameras. It doesn’t quite make sense to them. So…give your little ones some eye contact.

For example, get your camera settings ready and good to go. Focus your camera. Maintain your focus and then pull your face away from the camera a bit. Look at them with your eyes, not just through your view finder. Peek up at them and give them something to smile at. Click the shutter while you’re still looking into their eyes…while you’re giving them eye contact. The smiles will be (I think) more genuine and they’ll have something to look at….your goofy face! :)