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photographing wiggly kids

I often photograph wiggly little moving kids. When little ones are one, two, three, four, and more years old they often don’t want to sit still for me while I take their picture. Sometimes, that’s okay because it’s wonderful to capture their little personality as they do things and move around. But there are also…

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30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 30

DAY #30! TIP #30: Make memories, don’t just photograph them. I know we all want to capture amazing pictures of our kids as they throw a snowball, or as they eat their first birthday cake, or while they learn to ride their bike. But be sure to be present when making memories with your family. Capture…

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30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 23

DAY #23! TIP #23: Go with the flow with kids. Be flexible. Little children can be moody and somewhat temperamental. So… in regards to photography (not parenting, but photography), go with the flow. Push them a little for the image that you want, but…. go with what keeps them happy, joyful and not red-faced and tearful…

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30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 22

DAY #22! TIP #22: Take a test shot before you put the little people in place. Select all your camera settings and take a test shot before you call little people to be in the picture. You will have much more success if you focus on your camera settings when little children are not waiting…

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