What are Presets?

What are presets? Have you heard that word being thrown around? Lightroom presets, mobile presets, desktop presets…

A preset is a created file, usually saved in a DNG format, that allows a RAW or JPEG image to be altered and edited in a specific way. Basically, when someone edits a RAW image on their computer in Adobe Lightroom they choose to alter the original image. They can change things like exposure, temperature, shadows, highlights, contrast, clarity, texture, hues, saturation, sharpening, blacks, whites, and the list goes on and on. When someone has chosen all of the changes they want to make to an image they can save that as a preset. That preset can then change future images to have the same settings as what was previously used and saved. This same process can be done on Lightroom mobile on a phone. Presets can be created and saved and then used on future pictures, changing them with one click of a button.

So, why would you want to purchase a preset? If you like a photographer’s style of editing, you can sometimes purchase a preset created by them. This preset will usually be designated as a mobile preset or a desktop preset. You will need the Lightroom app. I know the mobile app is free, but I currently pay Adobe $10 a month for the desktop app. The reason you might want to buy a preset from a photographer that is skilled in their editing is because you can use these presets (mobile or desktop) to help make your pictures look closer to their style of editing. It may take some tweaking though because everyone’s pictures aren’t exactly the same to begin with.

If you are not a professional photographer or an experienced editor, the best part of buying mobile presets, in particular, is the fact that you’re skipping the big editing learning curve. You can purchase mobile presets, add them to your phone, get the free Lightroom mobile app, and just begin clicking one button to change your phone images drastically. It’s pretty fabulous actually! I highly recommend them.

If you purchase mobile presets, beware, the process of putting them on your phone can be tricky and frustrating. But I have created a video that simplifies the whole process and makes it easy peasy. When customers purchase DP Presets the video comes with it so it’s not difficult or frustrating. I walk you through every little step and then you’re able to edit your phone pictures so easily and beautifully. You can see my presets here at DP Presets.