Capturing real moments

As my photography career has progressed and I’ve experienced different styles of photography, I’ve found what I truly love. I’ve found what really fills me up. I love capturing real moments, true emotion. I used to gather all of the people up, pose them, and capture that as my main goal. And don’t get me wrong, I definitely still pose my subjects a bit but I have found that those images are not the ones that tell a story. Letting people interact, love each other, and play together allows me to capture images that truly tell what families are all about. So, I let people be. I let them play. I follow and chase children. I pay attention to the sticks that they pick up instead of telling them to put them down and look at the camera. I capture those moments differently. This moment was one that this sweet mama will want to remember and that makes it precious to me as well.


My manual camera settings:

ISO: 250
shutter speed: 1/800
aperture: F 2.0 (real shallow depth of field)
lens: sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4 lens
body: sony mirrorless a7iii