posing newborn babies in props

I know that the newborn babies are so beautiful just laying in their mama’s arms. But oh to put them in a prop every once in a while is so very fun! I love posing newborn babies in fun props. And for more blog posts on newborn prop ideas you can look at these different…

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new posing product for YOU and your lovely phone!

Oh….my phone,  if I’m honest…. oh, how I love my iPhone. I didn’t buy into it at first, no, I don’t need that “thing”. But oh, now that I have it… I really do love it. Hardly leave home without it. So, in honor of the love for the iPhone (or other fabulous smart phone)…

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more newborn photography props

I thought it would be fun to share some more newborn photography props that I’ve enjoyed using. Newborns are so fun. Especially when they’re new enough and little enough to mold them and play around with them. If the props are kind of random and out there than it’s my preference that there be some kind…

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