new posing product for YOU and your lovely phone!

Oh….my phone,  if I’m honest…. oh, how I love my iPhone. I didn’t buy into it at first, no, I don’t need that “thing”. But oh, now that I have it… I really do love it. Hardly leave home without it.

So, in honor of the love for the iPhone (or other fabulous smart phone) I have created a new family posing product just for your phone. I often forget that “one other thing” amidst the pile of things that I need to take with me, but I almost always have my phone.

So… I’m excited to show you my new…
“To Go Poses for Photographing Families”

Check it out! 30 poses for families with pictures, the how-to, and the manual settings!  And… ready for immediate download to your phone. Pretty fab right? On your phone?

SO…go check it out!