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30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 2

DAY #2! TIP #2: When setting up your manual camera settings, set your aperture second. When you have your camera on manual [M], and after setting your ISO  first, I would recommend setting your aperture second. Aperture is the hole or opening in your lens that lets in light. The size of the opening determines…

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word search fun

Here’s my little Kyle doing one of the things he likes to do best… word searches. My awesome hubby is building a website for anyone who wants to make a word search with their own list of words. He’s good like that and goes with what our boys are interested in and drawn to. Check it…

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my sweet little nephew

Oh my heart melts for this little copper topped boy. Love him. This is my little nephew, Gabe. He’s so cute right? Well, he’s even sweeter. :)  This shot was taken at one of my workshops. We were outside on a sunny day but in the full open shade of a building. It was around…

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that blurry background

Everyone seems to love that blurry background, that buttery bokeh as it’s often referred to by the big wig photogs. :)  Basically bokeh is that blurry background, those beautiful blurry lights, and that gorgeous shallow depth of field. It is created through the use of a fabulous lens that has an aperture that can open…

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