word search fun

Here’s my little Kyle doing one of the things he likes to do best… word searches. My awesome hubby is building a website for anyone who wants to make a word search with their own list of words. He’s good like that and goes with what our boys are interested in and drawn to. Check it out at WordSearchLab.com.

And here are my manual settings for a couple of pictures inside my home. This was taken at 11:00am in my kitchen with an overhead light on above the kitchen table and bright morning light coming in from behind him through the windows. And my manual settings were:

ISO – 1250
shutter – 1/100 second
aperture – F 2.5
lens – 50mm 1.2L
camera body – canon’s 5D mark II

Now my settings were exactly the same for both of these pictures. But notice the bottom picture has much more blur or that bokeh that we all seem to love where the background and sometimes foreground just kind of fall away in a blurry glory. :)  Well, the settings on my camera were the same so the only difference is the distance between me and my subject. In the first picture above I am across the table from my little boy. On the second picture below I am leaning in real close to focus on the letters in the book so the distance is much less and the blurriness in turn, is greater. Just a tip to point out to you. Distance matters. :) Keep on shooting and practicing!