my sweet little nephew

Oh my heart melts for this little copper topped boy. Love him. This is my little nephew, Gabe. He’s so cute right? Well, he’s even sweeter. :)  This shot was taken at one of my workshops. We were outside on a sunny day but in the full open shade of a building. It was around 1:00 in the afternoon, so during this time of day open shade is preferable if possible rather than that bright intense overhead sun.

My manual camera settings were:
ISO – 200 (sunny day but in full shade)
shutter – 1/640
aperture – F 2.5 (wanting his eyes and face in focus but the rest to fall away a bit)
lens – 50mm 1.2
camera body – canon’s 5D mark II

Notice the blur on the back lines of the bricks? Well that’s due to the aperture settings, the F 2.5 is what creates that look. Try it!  :)

My manual camera settings (for the shot below) were:
ISO – 200
shutter – 1/250
aperture – F 4.5 (when photographing more people at a time I prefer to use a higher Fstop, a larger number for a larger focus area)
lens – 85mm 1.2 (I was farther away from them)
camera body – canon’s 5D mark II