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30 days of photo tips

30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 26

DAY #26! TIP #26: Try backlight – shoot into the sun. But use something to diffuse the light a bit so it’s not so harsh. I love beautiful light. Beautiful sunlight is the best… so amazing. I often like to use the sun as a backlight, lighting up the back of my subjects rather than pointing as…

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30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 25

DAY #25! TIP #25: Set your aperture based on the number of people you’re photographing. Again, your aperture is the hole or opening in your lens that lets in light. The size of the opening determines how much light comes into your camera as well as how sharp or blurry the background is going to…

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30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 24

DAY #24! TIP #24: Catch the light. “Catch lights” are white highlights in the eye, created by a reflection of a light source (like the sun, window light, a lamp, etc). This highlight adds depth and dimension to the eye, and gives the eyes life in a portrait or snapshot. Adding a catch light can help…

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30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 23

DAY #23! TIP #23: Go with the flow with kids. Be flexible. Little children can be moody and somewhat temperamental. So… in regards to photography (not parenting, but photography), go with the flow. Push them a little for the image that you want, but…. go with what keeps them happy, joyful and not red-faced and tearful…

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