30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 29

DAY #29! TIP #29: Use natural lines to draw the eye toward your subject. Look at the lines in the world around you and use them in your images. Use lines to draw the eye in toward your subject. You achieve this by positioning yourself and your subject so that the lines lead toward them when you’re looking…

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shooting photos outside in open shade

I blogged about this little girl’s pics previously but only when referring to the color and contrast. This time I’m going to focus on composition and my manual camera settings. These shots were taken outside in the full shade of a building wall. Full shade is the best! Especially for those who are still learning.…

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silhouettes in photography

Silhouettes at dusk. Ahhh. Love them. Here are my manual settings for this shot: ISO –500 (evening, dusk very little light left in the day) shutter speed – 1/1600 aperture – 3.2 lens – 50mm 1.2L

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