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natural window light

Just wanted to share a pic of some sweet sisters and the “how” behind it. I only used natural light, no flashes or lights. This picture was taken indoor, next to a large window. The window was to my right, next to the biggest sister. And it was shot simply in front of a white wall, nothing…

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capturing the love

I love love. I love capturing love in my images. I love looking at pictures that portray emotion, connection and love. This picture below makes me smile. It allows me to feel the love. So I wanted to share it and I thought I would share my manual settings and any details that might help…

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30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 26

DAY #26! TIP #26: Try backlight – shoot into the sun. But use something to diffuse the light a bit so it’s not so harsh. I love beautiful light. Beautiful sunlight is the best… so amazing. I often like to use the sun as a backlight, lighting up the back of my subjects rather than pointing as…

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30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 24

DAY #24! TIP #24: Catch the light. “Catch lights” are white highlights in the eye, created by a reflection of a light source (like the sun, window light, a lamp, etc). This highlight adds depth and dimension to the eye, and gives the eyes life in a portrait or snapshot. Adding a catch light can help…

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