Photo a day – May 21

This guy…he’s been rock solid amazing through so much tough stuff. Perfect? No. Solid and reliable and loving and kind? Yes. I’m so grateful for my man.

My tip for today is:

Late at night when there is very little light you’ll need to open your lens up wide and scoot your ISO up pretty high. These newer cameras these days can take some pretty fantastic low light images without a flash. My tip for today…try not to use a flash of any kind and see what you think. I don’t personally prefer flash when I’m just shooting pictures of my own family around the house, just using the available light.

Manual camera settings for these images below:
ISO – 6400 (outside, late at night, only little warm twinkling lights)
aperture – F 2.0
shutter speed – 1/125
lens – sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4
camera body – sony mirrorless a7III