Photo a day – May 1

Ok, here goes friends…

The beginning of a month of pictures of my own people. I think I can do it. Not sure if my teenage boys will really like it and I may have to be a bit sneakier than they used to require. Especially if you compare to one of my past “photo a day” projects back when they were much smaller and didn’t mind photos or even truly notice. They aren’t the biggest fans of me photographing them. (Any other teen boy mamas out there?) And I’ve found that because of this fact, I just don’t get my legit camera out around the house very often anymore. So, this will be a great challenge for me. A change of pace when we’re all home anyway during this weird COVID-19 time. Anyone want to join me in the challenge? Whether it’s the first day of the month or the 15th, want to challenge yourself to take more images of your people in just normal unimpressive life?

I’ll be posting my manual settings each day as well as some photography tips as they arise. Hope you enjoy a little window into our crazy world.

These first images are of my 13-year-old, with bed head, on a weekday morning. Starting the morning with a little video game play and then diving into school work at home.

Manual camera settings:
ISO – 1250 (indoor, no flash, just natural window light)
aperture – F 2.5 (opened it up for more light to come in)
shutter speed – 1/160
lens – sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4
camera body – sony mirrorless a7III


  1. Sharon Gregory on May 1, 2020 at 4:41 pm

    I love his bedhead!!