Capturing Moments

Real moments.

Though it’s true that many of my clients do appreciate images of their family looking in the direction of the camera with smiles on their faces….these real moments are the ones that I love. They capture life as a child. As my boys are growing older I treasure images of moments that remind me of their little toddler years. Those years are fleeting. They are hard but they are also amazing. Even though I love the fact that our growing boys are so much fun and getting so big there are some days I miss those years and that is one of the reasons that I believe photographs are such a treasure. I take pictures. I capture moments. And… I hang them on my walls and put them in books. I hope you do too. Because they are precious and the moments will be a treasure after they’re gone.

Here are a few images I took of a sweet little two year old with her teddy bear…and the details as to how I took them. Keep photographing the people in your life. :)

The manual settings for these images below:
ISO – 200
aperture – F 2.5
shutter speed – 1/400 second
lens – canon 35mm 1.4L
camera body – canon 5D mark II
lighting – morning in the shade of a building