playing with my macro lens

I’ve been having fun playing around with my macro lens lately with my own kids. I have a little mini personal project that I’m working on for our home. I’m wanting to document some parts of our life and hang them on my walls. Maybe I’ll share it with you later someday (when it’s done).  :)

This is my little Drew. He’s getting bigger. Which somedays makes me oh so very happy. But then other days makes me sad. And I often notice that while I am so good about capturing other people’s lives with the camera it’s so easy to neglect capturing part of our life with my camera. I’m good about capturing fun silly things with my iphone. But I also would like to continue to capture the details of real life often with my big camera. I want to remember the expressions, the torn up tennis shoes, the little tiny lego men that completely take over my home.

So here’s a picture of my Drew from last week. Up close and personal with my macro lens. Taken in the shade in our backyard.

My manual settings for this shot:
ISO – 320
aperture – F 4
shutter speed – 1/250 second
lens – canon’s 100mm macro 2.8L
camera body – canon’s 5D mark II
square – cropped into a square in photoshop
black and white – converted to black and white in photoshop