photo a day: day 31

Day 31:  My three favorite boys at the beach…collecting, throwing, and exploring

…Ok, I’ll admit this one is a little bit cheater because this is from earlier in the month. But I just found it and didn’t have a great shot from new years eve. So I wanted to share this one edited in black and white. You can’t blame me for wanting to finish strong right? Rather than with a lame picture. :)  Okay, I finished but I will admit December is a crazy busy month to try to do this photo a day challenge. What was I thinking? :)  But, I did it and now I have some fun pictures of our month together.

Manual camera settings:
ISO – 100
aperture – F 6.3
shutter speed – 1/1600
lens – 35mm 1.4L
camera body – canon’s 5D mark II