little buddies

Exploring with some little buddies…

So, here’s the way it goes down when I take my camera with me when it’s just my boys and some friends. This is for the times when it’s not a photo shoot, it’s just heading out for a picnic and exploring or something real life like that. First of all, I don’t take lots of stuff. I take only one camera and choose one lens only. This time I chose my 50mm lens. I usually will take my 50mm if I’m only going to take one lens (unless I want to force myself to play around and do something different). I make sure I have one (charged) battery in my camera, one memory card, and I make sure I have a strap on my camera. The strap is just realistic because my hands will often be full with something else when I’m out with my little boys. I don’t take my white balance target, but instead either put my camera on auto white balance or on the sun or shade choice (based on what lighting situation I’m in of course). And that’s all. Then the next challenge is to take a few pictures here and there and then enjoy the moments with them. Don’t be crazy photo shoot mom. Explore, throw rocks, shoot a pic here and there, and then let the rest go. :)

My manual settings for the shot below:
ISO – 200 (sunny out, midday)
aperture – F 3.2
shutter speed – 1/1000 (bright out, what was needed for proper exposure)
lens – 50mm 1.2