happy halloween

Here are my little star wars guys. I had a darth vader and a clone trooper this year. I didn’t take these pictures below in a studio. I took them at home in my backyard. I set up some white photo paper in my backyard and here’s how I took them….

I did not use a flash. I used only my 35mm 2.0 lens and my 5D mark II. I set up the white photo paper in full shade during the late morning to make it easy.

And here are my manual settings for all of the shots below (I set up my manual camera settings and then left them alone and started shooting):

ISO – 200
aperture – 3.5
shutter speed – 1/250
lens – canon’s 35mm 2.0L
camera body – canon’s 5D mark II

Have a great Halloween! And take some great pics!