add pinterest to your blog

Have you gotten on to Pinterest yet? It’s so fun! I’m sure you’ve all checked it out by now, right?

Personally I love it for keeping track of all the loveliness I find on the internet. You know that feeling when you’re like… “where did I see that super fun craft idea that I wanted to do with my kids?” …but you can’t find it anywhere? Well, now I can pin it and keep track of it to do later. Or if I’m organizing or dreaming of remodeling my kitchen I can pin all the styles and looks and fun ideas I like.  Then later when my dreams get to come true then I can refer back to those. Love that.

I also love looking through other people’s pins all over Pinterest. Such beautiful photographs, fun ideas, and more!

Well, my hubby…being the fabulous developer that he is (hey I can brag on him right? I’m married to the man!) he has created a “Pin It” button for WordPress that’s pretty deluxe and just keeps getting better and better! Oh and it’s….FREE! You can add this button to your WordPress blog and it will be at the bottom of each individual blog post. That way other people can pin your picture or your craft idea or whatever you’re blogging about. Then people just might start looking at all your fanciness all over Pinterest! :)A couple of great things about his button are:

  • It displays how many times the post hass been pinned right next to it. Super cool. See the number in the box up above right next to the pin it button?
  • When you click on it you get to select which particular picture from that blog page/post that you’d like to pin. See picture below.
  • And the upgrades just keep coming…

Basically…If you’re a blogger using WordPress you need this “Pin It” button. Cause why wouldn’t you want people pinning your stuff right? Pinterest is the new big and super fun thing! So get on it! :)