what camera should I buy?

Are you looking to buy a new digital camera? Or do you already have your digital camera and you need to buy a new lens for it? I get a lot of questions as to which camera or lenses I would recommend. So…since I’m here to help you all out I have created a couple of pages for you to use as resources.  :)

The first page is full of the camera equipment that I would recommend for YOU. You being the mom who wants to take fabulous pictures of their family, may or may not have lots of money to spend on camera equipment, but either way really doesn’t need the top of the top of the line professional gear. You just need something great to take great, creative pictures on manual (or auto now and then while you’re learning). Right?  :)  Well, this this page is for you (hobbyist, mom, dad, person who loves photography)! Check it out. And yes, all of my recommendations are all Canon gear. My reason for that is…Canon is what I use and love and so that’s what I know best and can best recommend. :)

So check out the equipment link on the top bar of this blog or click on the hobbyist page here.

And if you’re intending on pursuing photography at a higher level, either making a profession of it, or you’re just a really intense person who likes to do everything the best ever then you may want some of the professional grade camera equipment. I have the equipment that I personally own and use on my camera bag page. Though there is much more in the way of professional equipment this may be a start for you to see what I prefer to use.