30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 8

DAY #8!

TIP #8: Try out the rule of thirds. Center focus point, focus on the eyes, then recompose.

Rather than always having your subject right in the dead center of the picture, try out the rule of thirds. In the rule of thirds an image can be divided into thirds horizontally and/or vertically. When the subject lies on one of those lines, it’s appealing or interesting to the eye…really….it just looks good. :)

But you may be confused because tip #6 suggested using the one center focus point. But how can you do that when your subject is not in the center? Well, you point your center focus point on your subject’s eyes (tip #7) even if they’re off on the right side of the frame and then keeping your finger pressed halfway down on the shutter you recompose your picture and snap, take the shot. In order to focus most cameras you press the shutter button halfway down, right? Well, if you focus on the off center face/eyes by pressing the shutter halfway down and then lift your finger when you recompose and press it down again your focus point will be off (like the tree in the background may be in focus and the people will not be in focus). In order to maintain focus on your subject when they’re off center (if you’re shooting with the one center focus point like I prefer) then you must keep your finger half pressed while you recompose and not lift it.

Even more from previous blog posts on the rule of thirds and composition here.


  1. Heather on January 9, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    This (among others) is my favorite tip so far. I love the effect of “TROT” but didn’t know how exactly to frame it up. Noooow I get it! Thank you!