30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 23

DAY #23!

TIP #23: Go with the flow with kids. Be flexible.

Little children can be moody and somewhat temperamental. So… in regards to photography (not parenting, but photography), go with the flow. Push them a little for the image that you want, but…. go with what keeps them happy, joyful and not red-faced and tearful (nobody wants that). I am not opposed to small bribery types of rewards. And I think that it’s best to keep these moving, exciting, and fun for the kids. The pictures turn out better as a result as well.

If you were (for example) planning for a great look-at-the-camera type of picture and the child isn’t going for it. Then be flexible, adjust. Flex to a mommy’s-tickling-you kind of picture. Or have the child walk away from you and then run toward you laughing and capture that. Or play peek-a-boo. Or… or… or… Go with the flow. See what works for that child, during that season of life, during that hour, and go with it. Those images will be far better than forcing them to sit in someone’s lap and perform with a smile. Trust me. I’ve tried that. And… it’s overrated.   :)

You may start with this…

But the goal is to end with this…