30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 14

DAY #14!

TIP #14: Try a new perspective.

Do you feel like your pictures always look the same? Try a new perspective. If you’re usually standing or squatting when shooting, then try laying down flat on the ground. Or try standing up higher on a stool. At times a new perspective can change everything.

For this first shot below I was down on my knees trying to have my camera near their eye level.

Then for this shot below I was on a chair up above looking down.

And this one below was kind of in between. I was standing and they were sitting looking up. Change of perspective changes the image, right? So, switch things up and try some new angles and try shooting from a new fresh perspective. Try some things that make you uncomfortable. Who knows, you may love it! :)

Now on this last one below they’re standing a little ways away from me, maybe 15 feet, and I’m squatted down near the ground shooting up a bit.


  1. Melissa Ortendahl on November 14, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    Cori – this might be coming up in future tips, so if it is, I can wait until then :) – What are your tips for shooting into the sun in terms of working with the lighting and camera setting – I love how in some of your pics, the sun is off to the side, but still a part of the picture, but I’m wondering how you compensate with the camera settings – love the last picture above!