30 Days of Photography Tips… Day 12

DAY #12!

TIP #12: When first learning and improving your camera skills, shoot in the shade.

Full open shade is a large area of shade. This kind of shade can be found from the wall of a building, a covered patio, a big full tree. It’s the best! Especially for high success rates when you are still learning how to shoot on manual and how to use and look at light. Shooting pictures outside in natural light is so fantastic. No need to use a flash (usually) or to set your ISO real high. You can just get great crisp clean properly exposed pictures (*That’s the reason that I love full open shade). So, if you have the option and you’re still learning, step into the shade. It will take away the big factor of tricky light so that you will be able to focus on the other parts of creating a great image.

Open shade is much more forgiving and easier to shoot in than full, bright, or even afternoon sun and other tricky lighting situations.

This picture below was shot in the full shade from this white building.This picture below was shot in full shade under a pier.