what camera do I buy?

I’ve been asked a few times, “Which camera would you recommend to buy?” Well, I have a few opinions and a few ideas for you…if you’re interested that is. If you’re not, then just scroll down to the picture below. I have to post a picture, it’s boring if I don’t. Right? :)  Ok, so I am a canon girl. No offense if you own a Nikon or other brand. There are many great cameras out there. I am just partial to canon. Other than my iphone (which is in fact a pretty fab camera if you ask me…posts on that to come later) all of my cameras and lenses are canon products. If you’re just starting out or just getting acquainted with photography a canon rebel is a fantastic place to begin. My first SLR was a canon rebel about 12 years ago (but it was 35mm film). Why a rebel? Well, just a few of my thoughts?

  • It’s a canon camera and canon makes great, reliable cameras
  • It’s not crazy expensive (relatively speaking)
  • You can change out the lenses and buy nicer lenses over time and even add an external flash if you desire

You can find the rebel at B&H Photo and Amazon. Many other places sell them too so look around and find the best price…even Costco has them at times. You probably don’t need the newest model. But check and see what the difference is. Used is okay too if it’s from a trustworthy source. If I were you, I would buy just the camera body and then buy a lens separately. Yes, you can buy a kit that has all the lenses with it. But don’t spend lots of extra money getting those kit lenses. They’re good, but this Canon 50mm lens is better and it’s not real pricey. An amazing photographer recommended this lens to me when I was just starting to build up my equipment and I completely agree with him. It’s a great lens for a great price.

Let me give you an idea of what a 50mm lens is like. First of all, it’s a prime lens. A prime lens is a lens that does not zoom. It is fixed at one focal length. Your feet are you zoom. :) But a 50mm focal length is a good one. It’s similar to what you see with your naked eye.

So, that’s what I’d recommend to start. A good camera and one good lens. Get to know your camera and that one lens before you move on to any other equipment. Again, one thing at a time. And here’s a pic to hopefully make you smile. These are my little boys. Aren’t you glad we have cameras? To capture times like this?