manual functions

Get that camera on manual. Just go for it. Take the leap. Do it. Don’t mess around with Av and Tv and P and whatever other pictures are on there. :)  Put it on M. Well, okay you’re allowed to use the auto functions if there’s something important going on, like a first birthday party for your only child or something AND if you are just not getting any decent pictures with manual during those moments. BUT other than that and your brother’s wedding, get on manual. Here’s a quick picture I took of my little t-ball playing boys last week. I’ll share the settings with you so you can get an idea of a starting point.

I had the boys step into the shade. Definitely do your best to use shade when you’re learning. Don’t complicate everything. Learn one thing at a time if possible. Okay, so we’re in the shade. And my ISO is set at 250 because it’s a sunny day and I don’t need it to be any higher. Remember ISO? If not, check it out here and here. My aperture was at 3.5 (remember, that’s the opening in your camera). My shutter speed was 1/200 of a second.

Get out there and try shooting on manual. If you don’t know where to start, go in some shade on a sunny day and start with the settings that I used on this shot of my boys. Then adjust from there…

ISO – 250
aperture – 3.5
shutter speed – 200