locations & small spaces

Choosing a location to do a little photo shoot is so fun. At least I think it is. :)  If you’re taking pictures of little kids, remember their small. So…you don’t have to have a huge background for a close up face shot. You can use just a portion of a wall, or just a door, or simply part of a window sill or edge. For example, these shots below.

This one was taken on a wall that had a bunch of distracting stuff on it (painted text, a big billiard ball, a door and windows). But all I needed was a small space for this little one.

These pictures were taken with just a portion of a window’s blue edging….a very small blue space.

This picture was taken in front of a graffiti covered garbage bin or storage bin. I’m not even sure what it was. But we liked the colors on it. :)