the LCD screen on my camera

Ok, so I’m careful and a bit particular. I’ll admit it. Especially with my pricey professional equipment. So I have a cover on the LCD screen of both of my camera bodies. The cover protects the screens from scratches and whatever could happen so that they don’t get damaged. Well, I’m glad that I have it. Check out my little screen protector now. Huh? Right? Good thing I had a $30 protector on there, right? Here’s a pic taken with my iphone of the damage that happened at some point during my wedding this past Friday. Hmmm…. so I guess I’m off to buy another $30 screen cover/protector. I’m grateful that’s all I’m buying in order to fix my problem. Tip to all y’all out there…. protect those LCD screens. Here’s the LCD screen protector that fits my camera on Amazon. Make sure you get the one that fits your particular camera though.