how to take a family portrait on a bright sunny day…

It’s a bright sunny morning, 10:00am with the lovely bright summer sun. So, how do you take a photograph of a family outdoors without having everything blown out super bright and leaving way too many dark circles under everyone’s eyes? Well, here’s one shot that’s in the sun, not shade and here are my settings. I put my camera on manual and set….

ISO to 125
Aperture at 4.0
Shutter speed at 1/250 second
Using my favorite lens, the 50mm 1.2L

And I also pay attention to where the sun is at. I avoid having the sun hit directly on any of my lovely subjects’ faces, but rather have it a bit behind them, lighting up their hair in a way that almost makes it glow a bit. Pretty, huh? :)


  1. Robin on October 1, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    Cori … thank you for this ! I am taking pictures of a friends family in 2 days and it will be at 9:30am (couldn’t get them to go for sunset) at the park. I have taken a few test shots and am fearing the almighty sun ! This just may help … I was going to use a 70-200 2.8 … but am thinking about my 50mm 1.4 instead.
    THANK YOU for helping shed some new “light” on what I might try on Sunday !