Just wanted to throw an example your way. This picture was shot with my fstop or aperture set at  2.5. Remember, those are the same thing, f-stop and aperture. Two different names, same thing. But anyways, do you see the blur in the background? That’s what you’ll get with 2.5

In case you’re interested, the rest of my settings were:
manual (M)
f-stop: 2.5
ISO: 800
shutter speed: 200
shot inside my house but below my sunroof

Oh and one more thing…..shoes are the cutest part of a little boys’ wardrobe….just in case you wondered. With girls you get bows, dresses, etc. With boys…you get shoes. :)


  1. Holli on May 14, 2010 at 9:35 am

    Thank you so much for these lessons! I’m really enjoying them….