ok, all right, another saturday workshop

So, sure, let’s do one more Saturday workshop.  :)

I am loving teaching people how to use their cameras. So many people have purchased these fancy digital SLR cameras (you know the bigger cameras where you can change out the lenses) and well, they don’t know how to use all the fabulous buttons and functions on their cameras. Do you want to learn how to use your Digital SLR camera off of auto mode? How to compose a fantastic picture? How to look at light? If you’re interested, I’m doing some workshops focused on how to use your camera and it’s manual functions so that you can have more control over the images you capture. You can see some more details & pics from our last workshop here and here too.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010 ……… OR  ……… Saturday, September 18, 2010
9:00am to 3:00pm
Registration and payment due when you sign up for class (your spot is not saved until your payment is received. spots are first come first serve)
limited to only 10 people or less per date

Here are a few comments from a previous workshop
“Thanks so much for the workshop Cori!!  I feel like I have a brand new camera!!  I would recommend your workshop to anyone!!”
~Kirsten from Orange County

“I would definitely recommend the class to a friend.  Cori made learning my camera fun and took my intimidation of it away.  By the time I left, I felt very confident in manual and I was very excited to go and experiment using the tools Cori taught us. Thanks so much for everything.  Its true–I am so excited to try now whereas I was just frustrated before!!”
~Kristy from Fresno

“I am so appreciative of your workshop.  It helped me to be confident with my camera (which I didn’t even know how to turn on before) and to not be afraid of trying.  I love that you gave me this spark inside to go out and capture every moment I can.  Now I’m not afraid to touch our “fancy camera” and I think I’ll actually be more likely to take it places instead of my little dinky point and shoot.  Thank you for helping me grow and learn!  Can’t wait for the next class… what can we learn next?”
~Amy from Fresno

“I would definitely recommend this workshop to someone else.  I loved that you limited the number of people so that each of us had  plenty of “one on one” time. Whether we were beginners or more advanced, there was plenty to learn and practice.   I also thought it was super helpful to have two live photo shoots.  It gave us the chance to practice what we were learning while receiving great feedback.  It was also really fun to practice with the different lenses. Great workshop!”
~Brooke from Clovis

To sign up, fill out this registration form.